Exemplary Parking Programs

To be "exemplary", a parking program would have to encompass most of the principles described by Donald Shoup.  There are none as yet, but the one furthest along is in Redwood City, where a new program been adopted by the City Council and is to be implemented by February of 2006.

As the government seat of San Mateo County, Redwood City has been setting an example of Transit Oriented Design around the Redwood City Caltrain Station.  Development efforts are transforming what has been essentially a daytime center of local government to a lively full time downtown.

It was recognized fairly early that this would not materialize as expected if the usually approach to parking provision were to be followed. Daytime parking was already metered in the standard way, but that would not be good enough, and providing enough free parking for all would not be economically or physically feasible.  Therefore, a plan was developed to transition from an ordinary system of parking to a modern system based on the principles established by Donald Shoup.

Knowing that anything that changes parking can bring an outpouring of lamentations, the Downtown Development Coordinator spent a lot of time working with all affected parties, produced a very informative introductory report (available at right), made changes in response to Council requests and brought back a revised ordinance, which received their unanimous support.


Redwood City's parking program ordinance

  1. Introductory report
    (2.4 Mb PDF)
  2. Rivised final report
    a. body of report
        ( 132 Kb PDF)
    b. ordinance details
        (1.2 Mb PDF)