Links to other transportation
and land-use sites

SCTA. Sonoma County Transportation Authority. Coordinating and advocacy agency for transportation funding for Sonoma County.

SMART.  Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit. The agency responsible for building and operating rail transit in Marin and Sonoma counties.

Caltrans District 4. The district which includes Sonoma County.

MTC  The Metropolitan Transportation Commission has many publications and reports available. It is especially useful for travel and transportation data for the region.

One report, Moving Costs, contains a summary of the budget process.Citizen's Guide to "Transportation Financese" contains a summary of much of the jargon. To reach it directly, click .

The California Transportation Commission has published its guidelines for GARVEE bonds The key information is in four pages that are reasonably easy to read.

Over the last decade, Todd Litman has been compiling and making available numerous reports on transportation issues, particularly on the costs thereof. They are mostly placed on the website of his organization, the Victoria Transportation Policy Institute.

The fact that the U.S. uses about 5 times its proportionate share of the world's petroleum resources indicates its relative wealth and power, but ironically, its dependence and vulnerability to disruptions in that resource. See The coming oil production peak

The Mineta Institute at San Jose State University publishes numerous transportation articles and makes them available on the internet.

Bay Area Transportation Land-use Coalition (TALC)

Sierra Club Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse

Southern California Transportation and Land-use Coalition

ABAG Smart Growth project

Smart Growth America

CNU: Congress for the New Urbanism

Surface Transportation Policy Project (STPP)

Greenbelt Alliance

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

Transportation data sources

Local Links

Environmental Center of Sonoma County

Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
Works to preserve and restore the richness of the Laguna's natural resources, and to provide opportunities for the public to learn about the ecology and cultural history of the Laguna and enjoy its beauty.

Skymetrics Promoting action for climate change in Sonoma County

Sustainable Sonoma County has the Ecological Footprint report