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Transit Oriented Development
at the Redwood City Caltrain Station

Except for the old rail transit systems, there aren't many transit villages for examples. But there are a few beginning to emerge in the Bay Area. The Franklin Street mixed use project at the Redwood City Caltrain station is highlighted here.

"San Mateo’s TOD Incentive Program uses transportation funds to help communities that build more housing near rail stations. It spurs construction of needed housing and creates environmental benefits by giving people the option of commuting and running errands by rail. This program directly links land use with efficient use of the existing transportation system."

- from the 2002 EPA National Award for Smart Growth Achievement in the category of Policies and Regulations. The City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County won for its project: Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Incentive Program.

Franklin Street

Franklin St aerial - Sara
Aerial view ofsetting, looking northwest. El Camino Real at left.

Franklin Street in Redwood City is just the first of a number of projects eligible for the incentives provided by San Mateo’s TOD Incentive Program.

Eligible projects can receive up to 2000 per bedroom in the form of transportation enhancements that the developer would otherwise have to provide. Housing projects within one-third of a mile of a rail transit station with a density of at least 40 units per acre are eligible.

2654 bedrooms are to be built under the first two funding cycles of this program. 448 had already been constructed by mid 2002.

Franklin St. Apts. map
from National Achievement in Smart Growth Award, 2002 Entry Package, p. 20

In this plan drawing, El Camino Real is along the top, Franklin Street runs through the middle, and the Caltrain railroad is along the bottom. The side fronting El Camino Real is mixed use retail/commercial and residential.

The Redwood City Caltrain Station in Redwood City is about 0.4 mile northwest (to the right in the drawing).

For a better resolution drawing, download the EPA award application source file .

Smart Growth Award
Photo from announcement, EPA Smart Growth: National Award for Smart Growth Achievement 2002 Winners

Phase 1 of the Franklin Street Project, when it was near completion.
These apartments are next to the tracks, but a fair walk from the station.

Franklin St Apts - Sara

1 Maple St Sara
1 Maple St

1 Maple St facing El Cam - Sara
1 Maple St.

99 Maple St.
99 Maple St.

Franklin St.

101 Maple St..
101 Maple St.