Grocery Store or Food & Wine Center?

Not far from the Campo in central Siena (Via Piangiani 9) is an exemplary market. It is owned by the Agricultural Consortium of Siena. But it is also a food and wine center. On the front door it says (in Italian) "Foods, Wines and Products of the Sienese Region"; below, in English, "Specialist Grocery Store - Typical Foods and Wines".

Proclaimed as a specialty market, it also appears to function as a small general market for local residents. One of the wonderful things about it is that it was built into an old building in the middle of town. U.S. markets seem to be based on a premise that large clear spans are necessary. This market in Siena weaves itself between posts and walls that may offer no more than a twenty foot span, and mostly less. This contributes to its elegance.

Consorzio Agrario Siena

The supermarket-like Consorzio Agrario Siena has been a farmer's co-op since 1901; most of the produce comes direct from the farm, and much of the packaged goods were packaged locally.


Meat and wine


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