The Campo

The Piazza del Campo is Siena's civic center. It was laid out in the 14th century for the city's public life. It is approximately the size of Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa, but since there is no car traffic through the middle, it accommodates many more people. There is no car traffic on the road around the edge either. Twice a year the circumferential road is used for a horse race.

The Campo isn't flat, but shaped like an amphitheatre, with a drain where the wedge sections converge in front of the town hall.

The photos on this page show the building faces that ring the Campo. The aerial view is oriented with north at the top. Some of photos can be clicked to see a larger version.

The Palazzo Pubblico or Palazzo Comunale: the town hall. Built in 1297, and its bell tower, built in 1344.

While building in photo at right is being rehabilitated, a textile debris shield covers the front. The shield is painted to resemble the building behind it.