Transit Oriented Development
at San Carlos' Caltrain Station

Transit oriented development at the San Carlos Caltrain Station is quite recent. Currently the only significant elements are a renewed station area and a nearby mixed use residential and office redevelopment of moderately high density.

The tracks were recently elevated, but the motivation was more for better car traffic circulation across the rail right-of-way than for TOD. The historic rail station building at ground level continues in use as a diner.

Shelter on elevated train platform

Ramp from platform down to old station at ground level.

Closer view of restored station building at ground level, new track viaduct at left.

For a street map of the San Carlos Station Area (circle of half mile radius), click here.

The tracks (and El Camino Real) divide the industrial east side of San Carlos from its business-commercial-residential west side. El Camino Real is the the traffic sewer of the Peninsula. There are hopes of turning it into a grand boulevard, but recent reconstruction of the El Camino roadway in this vicinity, which added a median barrier, was aimed at better traffic flow rather than TOD.

One block west of El Camino, Laurel Street has been extensively rebuilt to make it more pleasant for foot traffic. Just one block farther west than Laurel, the Hacienda Pacific condo development has recently been completed.

Hacienda Pacific

New condos less than a quarter mile from the San Carlos Caltrain Station.

Developer's drawing from
the Pacific Hacienda

Elm Street side
Elm Street side, from
steps of City Hall
Elm Street side Walnut Street entrance
San Carlos Avenue side

Hacienda Gardens. Historic buildings facing San Carlos Avenue were restored and converted to office commercial as part of project . Assigned underground parking in adjacent structure.